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At Barter Group, we are on a mission to help businesses get back to basics and excel in Sales through SIMPLE time proven processes and systems.

We offer a range of services to get you on track to achieve sales excellence without having to “start all over”.

This could be anything from a short (specific) engagement to a full review to advise in all elements of the SIMPLE model.

Our Process


Our proposed approach generally follows an efficient process, including

Initial Consultation

Understanding the landscape (the “current” state) and assessing the most appropriate strategy to move towards the “desired” state.


Using a proven framework to work through the elements of the SIMPLE sales model.

Assessment and Design

Evaluating the outputs of the Discovery Workshops and developing a Design blueprint.

Action Plan

Detailed outline of the steps and tasks needed to achieve specific objectives within the SIMPLE model. It serves as a roadmap to ensure that organisation, focus and accountability are maintained throughout the execution process.

Deployment and Review

Implementation of the plan , including Resource Allocation, Communication, Execution, Monitoring and Adjustment, and checkpoints for ongoing Evaluation, Review and Refinement.

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